MBA Admission Gurgaon

MBA Admission Gurgaon

MBA Admission Gurgaon

MBA Admission Gurgaon

  • MBA Admission Gurgaon

    Gurgaon is also Know as Millennium City which Falls in Delhi NCR located in Haryana.Gurgaon a multicultures city is one of the fastest growing cities in India having third highest per capita income in India due to the presence of Top 250 Fortune 500 Companies of both Service and manufacturing Sectors in Gurgaon.

    Some of the Top 250 Fortune 500 Companies in India having a base in Gurgaon are DLF Limited,General Electric ,Siemens,Microsoft,American Express,IBM, Bank of America,Agilent Technologies,Coca-Cola, Pepsi.

    Direcr MBA Admission Gurgaon

    Top MBA colleges in Gurgaon offers MBA Admission Gurgaon to candidates with any Discipline Recognized By any Indian University being UGC approved or AICTE. Most of the MBA college in Gurgaon offer MBA course or the PGDM programme with more emphasis on the practical trainings for better understand the corporate Culture .

    MBA programme offered by top mba colleges in Gurgaon offers many specializations and therefore the candidates has the option of  choosing the specialization as per the suitability,interest and Market needs .Some of the MBA specializations offered by MBA colleges in Gurgaon include HR, Finance,International Business, Marketing, Information Technology,operations ,Supply Chain Management ,Hospitality Management etc

    The Teaching Methods of top mba colleges in Gurgoan include Guest Lecture (People from higher hierarchy of multinational companies ),presentation,Industrial training(Stipend Paid),Workshops and Finally Placements to the students studying after MBA Admission Gurgaon

     Here is the list of Top Mba colleges in Gurgaon  offering MBA admission Gurgaon:-

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