GNIOT college of management

GNIOT College of Management Delhi NCR Greater Noida

GNIOT College of Management Greater Noida DelhiNCR

GNIOT college management Greater-Noida is one of the premier Institutions in the field of Technical and Management Education. It has been formed by

  • Shri Ram Educational Trust, Noida

On no profit basis with a firm determination and commitment to foster a holistic approach towards the development of Engineering and Management Education. The Trust was formed in the year 2000 and GNIOT college management was establish in the year 2001.

Trust has had a meteoric rise, and on date, has establish a chain of educational institutions covering the fields of

  • Engineering
  • Management

leading towards Graduate and Post Graduate degrees. Plans are also afoot to introduce Doctoral Programmes in the very near future.

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GNIOT Greater Noida Institute distinguishes itself from other colleges and Institutes due to its holistic approach and unique foresighted planning in providing technical and professional education with the state-of-the-art techniques. The main objective of an Institute is to generate a bunch of highly creative professionals, who can contribute not only in the Human Resource Development but also in the Nation Building Exercise.

GNIOT College Management Noida Course PGDM

GNIOT Greater Noida PGDM by full time study is a two year course focusing on key business and management areas. You will learn about strategic decision making and negotiation from some of the world’s leading behavioural scientists and business education experts. You will also learn to understand the human factors behind decision-making.

We focus on the big

  • Contemporary issues including: corporate social responsibility
  • Ethics in Business
  • Business-Government Relationships

To survive and thrive, you need to be ahead of the pack. GNIOT Greater Noida college management  will equip you to be just that. We believe that leadership relies on a firm understanding of human behaviour and creativity. It’s what gives our PGDM the edge, in a highly competitive world.

GNIOT college management Greater-Noida

you a learning experience like no other.

  • International travel in-depth work with real companies,
  • A peer group of really bright fellow students you will grow personally and academically.
  • Essays and written assignments aren’t always the best test of your knowledge and understanding.
  • We use group and individual presentations, real-life pitches to companies
  • even film projects to test you to your full abilities.

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