Asia Pacific Institute of Management Delhi

Asia pacific institute management Delhi

Asia pacific institute management Delhi

Asia pacific Institute Management Delhi PGDM -Post Graduate Diploma in Management

That good management has been crucial to human progress & successful growth has been proved through the ages in every aspect of enterprise. This has become more important today. This where the quality of management education makes all the difference to the lives of young people at the threshold of their working lives.

The curriculum of PGDM is meant to cater to the specific needs & requirements of industry & business, especially in the newly emerging national & international environment.

Asia Pacific Institute Management Delhi Program Design

Post – Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is two years.

Student can specialise in any two of the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • HRM
  • Information Systems
  • International Business
  • Operations Management

Admissions in Asia Pacific Institute Management Delhi

AIM seeks students who have high intellectual capacity, outstanding potential for leadership and strong motivation to succeed in business,  as well as the physical and emotional capabilities to undergo a rigorous, competitive and log-duration programme. They must also have logical mind,  reasoning and analytical abilities.

PGDM Eligibility

  • 3 yr. Bachelor’s degreeto
  • Recognised Indian or foreign university
  • Aggregate marks 50%

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