CAT Colleges India

CAT Colleges India
CAT Colleges India

There are may CAT colleges India that uses CAT scores for shortlisting the students for admission in to their management program mes where IIM’s have no role in selection of the candidates ,only the cat score are use for shortlisting the students in these cat colleges.

List of Course Post Graduate Programmes Admission through CAT Score.

Apart from IIMs, private Best B-schools among the Top MBA colleges who offer AICTE approve Post Graduate programmes. Many of them are preferred to IIMs as.

  • PGP (Post Graduate Program in Management)
  • PGP FABM (Food and Agribusiness Management
  • PGP-PGDM (PGD- in Management)
  • PGPEM (PGP in Enterprise Management)
  • PGPPM (PGP in Public Policy and Management)
  • EPGP (Executive Post Graduate Program in Management)
  • PGPSM (PGP in Sustainable Management)
  • PGPWE (PGP in Management for Working Executive)
  • PGPBM (PGP in Business Management)
  • FPM (Fellow Program in Management)

Some other prestigious management colleges in India. The IIM’s conducting Common Admission Test are :

Admission through CAT Score
Admission through CAT Score

There are 20 IIM’s and several other Non-IIM institutions which are known as CAT Colleges among students that uses Cat score for shortlisting students for their academic programme.

Check List of Top MBA Colleges India Admission through CAT Score:

S.No Top MBA Colleges in India Establishment Course Offers
1 IIM Ahmedabad 1961 PGP PGP-FABM
2 IIM Bangalore 1961 PGP PGPEM PGPPM
3 IIM Calcutta 1973 PGP-PGDM
4 IIM Jammu 1984 PGP
5 IIM Kozhikode 1996 PGP
6 IIM Nagpur 1996 PGP
7 IIM Ranchi 2007 PGDM PGDHRM
8 IIM Sambalpur 2009 PGP
9 IIM Sirmaur 2010 PGP
10 IIM Udaipur 2010 PGP
11 IIM Amritsar 2011 PGP
12 IIM Bodh Gaya 2011 PGP
13 IIM Indore 2011 PGP EPGP
14 IIM Kashipur 2015 PGP EPGPM
15 IIM Lucknow 2015 PGP PGP-ABM PGPSM
16 IIM Raipur 2015 PGP PGPWE
17 IIM Rohtak 2015 PGP EPGP
18 RGIIM Shillong 2015 PGP PGPEX
19 IIM Tiruchirappalli 2015 PGP PGPBM
20 IIM Visakhapatnam 2016 PGP

CAT colleges India are location in various states of India

List of MBA Colleges India Admission through CAT Score :

MBA Colleges India Admission through CAT

Andhra Pradesh Bangalore
Assam Kerala
Bihar Madhya Pradesh
Chandigarh Maharashtra
Delhi Orissa
Goa Punjab
Gujarat Rajasthan
Haryana Tamil Nadu
Himachal Pradesh Uttar Pradesh
Jammu & Kashmir Uttarakhand
Jharkhand West Bengal

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