MBA Colleges in Bangalore with Fees Structure

MBA Colleges in Bangalore Fee
MBA Colleges in Bangalore Fee

MBA Colleges in Bangalore Fee Structure 2022

Best Business Schools in Bangalore are affiliated to Bangalore University or VTU. Few Best MBA Deemed to be University or Deemed Universities offer MBA. Hence Students have wide options of opt for Top MBA Colleges in Bangalore Fees Structure ranging from Rs 1 lakhs to Rs 6 Lakhs per Annum. Karnataka Students appearing for Karnataka PGCET can find MBA Bangalore Fee Structure about Rs 50k per Annum. The Fees is without Examination Fees or Even Lesser. Therefore have collected the Consolidated fees from individual

List of MBA Colleges in Bangalore for Direct Admission

MBA Bangalore with Fees to Serve purpose of MBA Admission in Bangalore. So making more Trendy and easy for admission in MBA for Karnataka and Non-Karnataka Students.

MBA colleges in Bangalore under PGCET, MAT, XAT, CMAT, CAT. Best MBA colleges in Bangalore with fees.


Institute Name Bangalore


Fees for 2 yr ( INR Rs.)


Fees Structure for 2 yr ( INR Rs.)

1. RNSIT : RNS Institute of Technology  Rs 1.85 Lakhs
2. OCBM : Oxford College of Business Management  Rs 1.40 Lakhs
3. OBS : Oxbridge Business School  Rs 2.75 Lakhs
4. Al-Ameen Institute of Mangt Studies  Rs 3.20 Lakhs
5. Reva University  Rs 6.00 Lakhs
6. DBGI : Don Bosco Group of Institutions  Rs 3.35 Lakhs  –
7. BIMS Bengaluru : Bangalore Institute of Management Studies  Rs 6.50 Lakhs  –
8. St. Hopkins College  Rs 3.60 Lakhs.  –
9. HKBK : HKBK College of Engineering  Rs 3.95 Lakhs  –
10. MVJCE : MVJ College of Engineering  Rs 3.11 Lacs  –
11. Surana College  Rs 4.00 Lakhs  –
12. RCM Bangalore : Regional College of Management  Rs 7.90 Lakhs  Rs 7.90 Lakhs.
13. KGI Bengaluru : Koshys B-school Bangalore  Rs 4.50 Lakhs  –
14. IIPM : Indian Institute of Plantation Management  – Rs 5.00 Lakhs.
15. MSRIM : Ramaiah Institute of Management  – Rs 8.00 Lakhs.
16. RIMS Bangalore: Ramaiah Institute  Management Studies Rs 7.51 Lakhs. Rs 6.50 Lakhs.
17. IIBS Bengaluru : International Institute of business Studies  Rs 7.45 Lakhs  Rs 7.00 Lakhs.
18. KSM : Krupanidhi school of management  Rs 6.00 Lakhs  Rs 5.25 Lakhs.
19. St. Xavier’s College  Rs 4.90 Lakhs Rs 4.89 Lakhs
20. EWCM Bangalore : East West College of Management  Rs 1.10 Lakhs

MBA Institute Bangalore Fees 2022

21. IASMS : Indian Academy School of Management Studies  Rs 5.15 Lakhs
22. Jain University  Rs 9.90 Lakhs
23. Garden City University  Rs 4.25 Lakhs.
24. NITTE School of Management  Rs 6.60 Lakhs
25. Institute of Health Management Research  Rs 7.25 Lakhs
26. ISME Bengaluru  –  Rs 8.75 Lakhs
27. GIBS Business School – GIBS  Rs 7.25 Lakhs.
28. Institute of Business Management and Research  Rs 5.5o Lakhs
29. Sambhram Institute of Technology  Rs 6.00 Lacs
30. Presidency University  Rs 6.80 Lakhs
31. MP Birla Inst. of Management  Rs 5.61 Lakhs
32. Acharya School of Management-Bangalore  Rs 5.90 Lakhs  Rs 6.50 Lakhs
33. Dayananda Sagar Business School  Rs 5.94 Lakhs  Rs 6.0 Lakhs
34. Indus Business Academy  Rs 6.98 Lakhs
35. International school of Business and Media (ISB&M)  Rs 7.00 Lakhs.
36. CMR Bengaluru school of Business  Rs 6.00 Lakhs
37. NMIMS  Rs 7.25 Lakhs
38. Kristu Jayanti School of Management  Rs 6.00 Lakhs
39. MS Ramaiah Institute of Management  Rs 7.50 Lakhs
40. ITM Business School  Rs 7.60 Lakhs

Details of MBA Institute Bangalore Fees 2022

41. St. Joseph’s Inst of Management  Rs 6.00 Lakhs
42. ISBR Bangalore  Rs 8.00 Lakhs.
43. CMR University  Rs 4.50 Lakhs  –
44. CMR Centre for Business Studies  Rs 9.00 Lakhs  –
45. Acharya Bangalore B School  Rs 8.10 Lakhs  Rs 6.50 Lakhs
46. MYRA school of Business, Mysore  Rs 9.90 Lakhs
47. Kirloskar Institute of advanced Management Studies  Rs 12.50 Lakhs.
48. Jagdish Seth School of Management  Rs 14.4 Lakhs  Rs 14.4 Lakhs
49. Christ University  Rs 6.75 Lakhs
50. Welingkar  Rs 13.00 Lakhs.
51. PES university  Rs 10.00 Lakhs.
52. Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences  Rs 9.00 Lakhs.
53. AIMS Bangalore  Rs 9.00 Lakhs.
54. Alliance University  Rs 13.50 Lakhs  –
55. IIM Bangalore  Rs 23.00 Lakhs.
56. CMR Institute of Technology  Rs 9.oo Lakhs.
57. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship  Rs 11.50 Lakhs.

Others Details for MBA Institute Bangalore Fees in India

MBA in Bangalore fees Admissions plays an Vital Role in an Aspirants Choice of  MBA College Bangalore Selection. As most of all the students Pre Decide MBA College as per their Budget. Furthermore Very Rarely Students Opt for Top Colleges for MBA without Deciding the MBA in Bangalore fees Admission Budget. Therefore Students look for Direct Admission in MBA in Bangalore. The Complete List of the Most Demanded and Approved Best MBA fee in Bangalore Colleges will help students to Take MBA admission in Bangalore. Hence the exclusive list of top Colleges/University for MBA in Direct Admission MBA Colleges Bangalore with fees structure is an initiative by to help students in conclusion.

MBA Colleges Bangalore with Fee 2022

Therefore the MBA fees in Bangalore Colleges Includes all the examination fees and Tuition Fees also. Therefore all the Best Colleges for MBA Direct Admission Bangalore have Different Course offering with Different Fees Structure. No such MBA Colleges in Bangalore Fee either have the same Course offering or the same fees structure. In addition MBA Colleges in Bangalore Fee also includes Laptop, Books, Study Material, Foreign Tours. Also all Societies & Club Activities, Examination Fees, Alumni Membership Fees and other Charges all inclusive. Hence The Students Can Pay their B either by Cheque/DD/RTGS/Paytm also. Most noteworthy Top MBA fees for Colleges Bangalore can be paid in Installments also. Few of the college have either yearly fees payment plans and even semester wise fees payment plans. Also the students Get Complete Details of B-School Bangalore with fee prescribed in the offer letter or the admission letter they receive.

Best MBA Colleges in Bangalore Fees Structure

MBA Colleges in Bangalore Fees Structure also offers Scholarships by Most of all MBA in Bangalore fees Admission. The Scholarships are Mostly of two Types (1) Academic and (2) Need Base. The scholarships are provide to students to nurture students talent and appreciate the past academic record. and also remove Hindrance of fees for studying to the needy Students. In Few Colleges Scholarships are Even Provided to Reserved Category Students Also Where in The State Government Funds their Education. MBA Colleges in Bangalore Fees Structure