MBA Admission Exam dates 2016-2017

MBA Admission Exam dates 2016-2017
MBA Admission Exam dates 2016-2017

The MBA Admission Exam dates 2016-2017

Entrance Exam dates 2016-2017 for MBA  plays an Very Important MBA Entrance Dates for an MBA Aspirants . Also Students from all Across India prepare and wait for the MBA Admission Deadline Dates in India for appearing for MBA Admission Exams Dates 201-2017. Furthermore Students join Top MBA Coaching Institutes in India to Understand the Exam Pattern , Syllabus and Question pattern in addition. Students Join Coaching for either one or More MBA Entrance Exam Preparations.

The MBA Exam Dates 2016-2017 are MBA entrance dates therefore because all exams are being conducted within same Time period . Different MBA entrance Exam dates have Different MBA Entrance Form Deadlines in India. The Dates and Modes of conduct are Different for all MBA Admission Exam 2017 . Even Some MBA Entrance Exams have Eligibility too .

MBA Admission Entrance Exam papers being conducted furthermore with an objective to find the ability of the candidate. The scores  defines the MBA Aspirants aptitude to take admission in an administration program in conclusion .

MBA Entrance Exam Eligibility / MBA Admission Entrance Exam Eligibility

Most of all MBA Admission Entrance Exams hence, have the Same MBA Entrance Exam Eligibility. The MBA Entrance Exam has similar pattern and probably Sometimes Similar Questionnaire pattern. The Duration of Most of all MBA Entrance Exam is almost 3 Hrs. The objective of all MBA entrance Exam is same .The Objective being to Define the Mental aptitude of a student. The Students appearing in Final Year Exam of Graduation Can Prepare and Write The Various National, State Or Self Aptitude test of Universities.Only Few MBA Entrance Exams have Requirements for Granting Admission in MBA to MBA aspirants. MBA Entrance Exam has certain Advantage that students can write Maximum times the MBA Admission Entrance Exam in Life time without any Age Criteria. Few of The Important MBA Entrance Exam Eligibility are :-

  • CAT Entrance Exam 2017 Eligibility :- Student should have Minimum 50% in Graduation, Only relaxation given to SC/ST category .
  • SNAP Entrance Exam 2017 Eligibility :- Students should have a Regular Degree and not Distance Education.
  • MAT Entrance Exam 2017 Eligibility:-Students either perusing or passed out from a UGC recognized University.
  • ATMA Entrance Exam 2017 Eligibility :-Most all  all students appearing graduation in addition to Graduates can apply .
  • CMAT Entrance Exam 2017 Eligibility:-Students for almost any education discipline background with any percentage can write the Cmat entrance exam 2017.

MBA Entrance Admission Exam Dates 2016-2017

MBA Entrance Admission Exam Test Date Test Time Form Sale
Starts Ends
CAT 2016 4-Dec-16 Not announced 8 August 2016(Monday ) 22 Sept 2016(Thursday)
CMAT 2017 (One Test Only) Jan-17 9.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M.; 2.30 P.M. to 5.30 P.M. Early November 2016 Mid December 2016
NMAT 2016 07 October – 20 December 2016 9.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M.; 2.30 P.M. to 5.30 P.M. 4-Jul-16 3-Oct-16
IBSAT 2016 10-Dec-14 31-Dec-14 15-Jul-14 1-Dec-14
XAT 2016 8-Jan-17 10.30 A.M. to 1.30 P.M. 17-Aug-16 30 November 2016(Without late fee)
IIFT 2016 15-Jul-16 10.00 A.M. to 12.00 noon 5-Sep-16 27-Nov-16
SNAP 2016 18-Dec-16 2.00 P.M. to 4.00 P.M. 22-Aug-16 22-Nov-16
MICAT 2015 Feb/Mar 2015 (Exact date to be announced soon) Dec-16 Jan-17
AIMA-MAT 1st Sunday ofSeptember 2016,December 2016,Feb 2017,May 2017
TISSNET 10-Jan-15  October 2016 ONLINE-November 29,2016,Post -December 1 , 2016
IRMA 12-Feb-17 Oct-16 23 & 30 December 2016 (offline & online)

First of all MBA Admission Exam dates 2016-2017 are also MBA Admission Exam Dates 2017 defining also MBA Entrance Form Deadlines in India for most noteworthy MBA Admission Exam 2017 with complete MBA Entrance Exam Eligibility .The MBA Entrance Exam Eligibility for CAT 2016,SNAP 2017, MAT 2016, MAT 2017 ATMA 2017 and Finally CMAT 2017 can be found as CAT Entrance Exam 2017 Eligibility and SNAP Entrance Exam 2017 Eligibility and MAT Entrance Exam 2017 Eligibility and CMAT Entrance Exam 2017 Eligibility and ATMA Entrance Exam 2017 Eligibility in conclusion .

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