Top B-schools in India offering affordable MBA

MBA Fees Top B-Schools India
Top B-schools in India offering affordable MBA

Top B-schools in India offering affordable MBA

“All good things come with the price “. If you see the phrase in the case of your MBA, you would actually take life Seriously and try to Change your own perception after going for regular MBA rather then Distance Education. Money plays secondary role wherein the Efforts, Inputs, Hard-work, Sacrifices, Dedication, Punctuality and Time plays a vital Role in the Journey of 2 Financial Years of an Aspirants. So as to Achieve your AIM of being an Actual MBA and Not just an Degree Holder.

Top Business School fees in India are higher in comparison to other Masters or Undergraduate Education as you will have to pay the value of your education, faculty members, infrastructure and other facilities which will benefit you in and after these two important years of your life.

Thus, the MBA fees Structure Remains an important factors for Aspirants for selecting the Institution. The Zeal to study in Top B Schools sometime have to be sacrificed due to Tough Competition and Low Profiles. As an MBA admission season, it is important for MBA candidates who are expecting a call from top Colleges, to know about fees for paying for Top Ranking B-Schools in India. Therefore Business Schools Fees in India helps them Compare and Select According to their Budgets. Although the fees do not matter if you are getting admission in the Management Institutions you will still have to know the fee so that you can also analyze the ROI factor.

The Efforts of to guide MBA Students get Consolidated list of Top 100 B-Schools Fees India for their Flagship Post Graduate Management Education Courses Like MBA/PGDM/MMS/PGP/PGPM.

Top 100 B-Schools Fees India

S.noMBA Colleges in IndiaCourse Fees Rs.(2 year.)

MBA Fees Top B-Schools India below 2 Lakhs

1FMS, University of Delhi0.20 Lakh
2DMS, NIT Trichy1.08 lakh
3DMS, University of Pune1.31 lakh
4SIMSREE1.36 lakh
5DSM, DTU1.84 lakh.

Business Schools Fees in India below 3 lakhs

6JBIMS Mumbai2 lakh | PGDM 6.0 Lakh.
7NIT Warangal2.1 lakh
8ABV – Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management2.18 lakh
9Dr. D Y Patil School Management, Pune2.2 lakh
10Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore2.59 lakh
11DIME, IIT Kanpur2.91 lakh.

MBA Fees Top B-Schools India below 6 Lakhs

12DMS, IISc. Bangalore3.18 lakh
13Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship Development-Pune3.85 lakh.
14RIIM Pune3.98 lakh
15IIFM Bhopal4.80 lakh.
16Institute of Business Management & Research4.98 Lakh
17VIT BSchool, Vellore5.02 lakh.
18Chitkara Business School, Chandigarh5.07 lakh
19Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies5.30 Lakh
20SSIM Hyderabad5.50 lakh
21Presidency University Bangalore5.50 Lakh.
22Thiagarajar School of Mgmt. Madurai5.50 lakh | PGDM 6.0 Lakhs.

Business Schools Fees in India below 8 Lakhs

23DBS Dehradun6.0 Lakh
24MANAGE Hyderabad6.05 lakh
25MSRIM Bangalore6.30 lakh.
26IFBS Delhi6.45 Lakh
27ABBS Bangalore6.50 lakh.
28SCMS Cochin6.50 lakh
29BIMM Pune6.60 Lakh.
30VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur6.72 lakh.
31IBA Bangalore6.98 Lakh
32DoMS, IIT Madras7 lakh.
33JIMS, Rohini7.15 Lakh
34Jagannath International Management School, Kalkaji7.20 Lakh.
35Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi7.25 Lakh
36EMPI Delhi7.40 lakh.
37VJIM, Hyderabad7.5 lakh

MBA Fees Top B-Schools India below 10 Lakhs

38IPE Hyderabad8 lakh.
39DoMS, IIT Roorkee8.0 lakh
40DMS, IIT Delhi8.0 lakh.
41PSG Institute of Mgmt, Coimbatore8.0 lakh
42Christ University, Bangalore8.02 lakh
43NITIE Mumbai8.19 lakh
44NDIM Delhi8.25 Lakh
45Universal B School, Karjat8.48 lakh
46IIM Udaipur8.53 lakh.
47IIM Amritsar9 lakh
48AIMS Bangalore9.19 Lakhs.
49ITM BSchool Navi Mumbai9.30 Lakh
50Jaipuria, Noida9.45 lakh.
51SJMSoM, IIT Bombay9.5 lakh
52IMNU, Ahmedabad9.52 lakh
53LBSIM Delhi9.95 lakh
54KIAMS Harihar9.98 lakh.

MBA cost Top B-Schools upto 12 Lakhs

55Myra Mysore10 lakh
56IIM Sambalpur10 lakh
57XIME Bangalore10.0 lakh
58IIM Sirmaur10.34 lakh.
59IIM Visakhapatnam10.50 lakh
60SDMIMD Mysore10.70 lakh.
61IMI Bhubaneswar10.98 Lakh
62IFIM Bangalore11 lakh.
63Great Lakes Chennai11.14 lakh
64IRMA, Anand11.50 lakh
65IIM Nagpur11.50 lakh
66LIBA Chennai.11.90 lakh
67IIM Trichy11.90 lakh

MBA Fees Top B-Schools India

68IFMR Chennai12 lakh
69BIMTECH Greater Noida12.0 lakh.
70IIM Rohtak12.0 lakh.
71IIM Raipur12.31 lakh.
72IIM Kashipur12.50 lakh.
73Amity University, Noida12.60 Lakh.
74IIM Shillong12.68 lakh.
75KJSIMSR, Mumbai12.76 lakh.
76Alliance School of Business, Alliance University, Bangalore13 lakh
77TAPMI Manipal13.0 lakh.
78We School Mumbai13.44 lakh
79IILM Delhi14.0 lakh.
80IIM Lucknow14.0 lakh.
81IBS Hyderabad14.04 lakh.
82Shiv Nadar University14.20 lakh
83Fore School of Mgmt, Delhi14.98 Lakh.

MBA cost Top B-Schools India above 15 Lakhs

84FLAME University, Pune15 lakh
85IIM Ranchi15.10 lakh.
86Goa Inst. of Management15.98 lakh
87NMIMS Mumbai16 lakh.
88IIM Indore16.0 lakh
89SPJIMR Mumbai16.0 lakh.
90SIIB Pune16.22 lakh.
91SCMHRD Pune17.10 lakh.
92IIFT Delhi17.25 lakh
93IMT Ghaziabad17.50 lakh
94IIM Kozhikode17.50 lakh
95XUB-XIMB19.90 lakh.

Top Business Schools Fees India above 20 Lakhs

96IIM Calcutta21 lakh.
97MDI Gurgaon21.34 lakh
98IIM Bangalore21.45 lakh.
99IIM Ahmedabad22 lakh
100XLRI Jamshedpur23.0 lakh.

Exclusive article for Top 100 b-schools fees India for Convenience of MBA Aspirants. MBA cost Top B-Schools for the Flagships Course of 2 years Duration. Hence the above fees is for General/Open category. For MBA cost Top B-Schools for Reserved Category and Scholarships kindly Visit respected Institutions websites.

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