Which MBA Specialization is in Demand in India ?

which MBA Specialization is in Demand in India ?

Here are the Top MBA Colleges in India City State according NIRF rankings.

Rank Top MBA Colleges in India  City State
1. IIM Bangalore Bengaluru Karnataka
2. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Gujarat
3. IIM Kolkata West Bengal
4. Indian Institute of Management Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
5. IIM Indore Madhya Pradesh

IIMB has the distinction of offering the most elective courses among B-schools in India. The electives cover a wide array of subjects as shown below. Students follow a dialect system to select elective courses of their interest. This is a provisional list which may change from year to year depending on the interest of the students.

MBA type India
Top 11 MBA Specializations in India

The world of business is very attractive for those who want to make it big and are not afraid to take risks and take responsibility. Whether you want to be a manager at an international corporation or start your own business, an MBA degree is a great choice to:

  • sharpen your skills
  • expand your knowledge
  • meet like-minded business people and entrepreneurs
  • learn how to approach business situations from different perspectives

Common or regular MBA programs include courses in economics, finance, management, marketing, strategy and so on. He has a holistic approach and does not focus exclusively on one subject. The professors aim to make you an overall better practitioner / practitioner and provide the necessary support to take the next step in your career.

But what if you want to do an MBA and specialize in a certain subject, such as marketing or finance. Is it possible

list of MBA Types specialization Top colleges in India

Yes! There MBA specialization Types in India Top Colleges, designed to advance some specific skills that are relevant in your chosen professional field. Here are some of the most popular MBA specializations:

Now, let’s take a closer look at these MBA specialization’s one by one:

1. Decision Sciences

  • Analytics for Cross Functional Excellence
  • Analytics for E-commerce and Retail Operations
  • Business Analytics and Intelligence
  • Foundations of Market Micro Structure
  • It’s About Time: The Competitive Advantage of Speed in Business Operations
  • Predictive Analytics for Business Forecasting
  • Science and Management of Big Data
  • Spreadsheet Modelling for Business Decision Problems

Some of the MBA specialization Types in India Top Colleges courses you take include Business Development, Project and Quality Management, Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior etc. After graduation, you can apply for various management and administrative positions:

  • Business Development Manager – ₹80,000–₹99,999 a month
  • Real Estate Manager – ₹3L–₹5L a month
  • Risk Management Manager – ₹67,779–₹87,965 a month

Most MBAs in Decision Sciences take 1 or 5 years to complete. You can also find online MBAs in Decision Sciences.

2. MBA in Economics and Social Sciences

  • Behavioural Economics
  • Business Law
  • Current Economic Scenario
  • East and South East Asian Economies
  • Financial Macroeconomics
  • Global Commons Negotiations and Business in Network Technologies
  • Global Macroeconomics and Financial Markets
  • Imagining Indian Society and Culture through Indian Cinema
  • International Macroeconomics
  • Public Economics

Some of the MBA specialization Types in India Top Colleges courses you take include Teaching, Content Developer, Research Associate and Research Assistant posts. After MBA you can apply for various management and administrative positions:

  • Section Officer– ₹41,667–₹83,334 a month
  • Teaching Social Science – ₹25T–₹50T a month
  • Research Assistant – ₹1.5T a month

3. MBA in Entrepreneurship

  • Corporate Growth in Entrepreneurial Environment
  • Investing in and leveraging your Social networks for Professional growth
  • Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship

An MBA in Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. If you decide to start your own business or take charge of the family effort, then you need to be very ambitious, perseverant and ready to carry on big responsibilities.

In addition to general business courses, the Entrepreneurship MBA includes Business Innovation, Generating Start-up Ideas, Venture Physics, Sustaining a Start-up, Resource Management, Entrepreneurial Strategies as well as Product Design and Marketing classes.

After graduation, most students either start their own company or use their new skills and knowledge to better manage their existing skills. If you want to work for another company, you can choose from different roles. Here are a few examples:

  • Product Management – ₹2L–₹10L a year
  • Senior Product Manager – ₹8L a month
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – ₹8L–₹12L a year

Like most MBA degrees, MBAs in Entrepreneurship takes 1-2 years to complete.

4. MBA in Finance and Accounting

  • Active Investment Management
  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Banking, Financial Markets & Systems
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Financial Derivatives, Markets, Statement Analysis
  • Fixed Income Securities & Derivatives
  • General Commercial Knowledge
  • Global Securities Markets
  • International Finance
  • Introduction to Capital Market Theory
  • Investment Banking
  • Investments
  • Management of Commercial Contracts
  • Management of Banks & Financial Institutions
  • New Enterprise Financing
  • Project Appraisal & Financing
  • Risk Management

If you want to study Master of Business Administration and you like to work with numbers, budgets and pay great attention to details, then an MBA in Finance may be what you are looking for.

This MBA specialization Types in India Top Colleges MBA combines traditional business courses with classes on investment, fund management, fundraising,  corporate budgeting, portfolio management, investment analysis, and more. Some of the most popular careers for graduates include:

  • Financial Advisor – ₹20T–₹50T a month
  • Senior Investment Advisor/Group Team Leader – ₹2L–₹7L a year
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – ₹40L–₹50L a year

You will invest 1 or 2 years in a Finance MBA.

5. MBA in Information Systems

  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
  • Big Data Analysis with Networks
  • Foundations of Machine Learning
  • Information Systems & Development
  • Management Information Systems & Technology
  • Managing Digital Transformations
  • Software Product Management

MBA specialization Types in India Top Colleges MBAs in Management Information Systems teach future graduates how to design, implement and use various advanced programs and systems that manage an ever-increasing amount of data used by companies.

MIS- Management information systems are used to collect, store and organize information. Based on the analysis of this information, users can produce detailed reports and use them to evaluate overall performance, make changes, and provide feedback.

During the MIS MBA, you can expect to take courses after graduation in Management Information Systems, E-Strategy &  Data Management, Business Analytics, Data Visualization, Risk Management & Decision Making, etc.:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst – ₹2.7L–1.4M per year
  • International Business Development Consultant – ₹2.4L–₹8L a year
  • Information System (IS) Manager –₹28.5T–₹46T a month

Most MBAs in management information systems take 1 or 2 years to complete, but you can find some programs that last longer. You can also apply for an online MBA in Management Information Systems.

6. MBA in Marketing

  • Brand Management
  • Business to Business Marketing
  • Competitive Marketing Strategy
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Communication
  • Marketing Management in the World of Hi-tech and Innovation
  • Multi-Channel Retail Strategy
  • Product Strategy and Management
  • Research for Marketing Decisions
  • Services Marketing
  • Strategy, Tactics and Economics of Pricing

If you are interested in a managerial or administrative marketing position, an MBA in marketing is a great option. While the Marketing MBA includes general business courses, it places more emphasis on developing your marketing-related skills and knowledge.

Specific topics include marketing research, branding, advertising management, product development, digital marketing and more. After graduation, you can hold various positions. Here are some popular examples:

  • Sales & Marketing Manager – ₹35T–₹50T a month
  • Senior Market Research Analyst – ₹10L–₹18L a year
  • Associate Director – Sales & Partnerships – ₹9L–₹20L a year

MBAs in Marketing take 1-2 years to complete.

7. MBA in Management Communication

  • Communication for Leaders
  • Leadership Presence Through Improvisational Theatre

The MBA in Management Communication combines traditional business courses with classes on business strategy, organizational behavior, business communication, consulting, negotiation, ethics and more. This approach allows students to better understand the impact of business dynamics and human relationships.

Counseling MBAs are a great fit for people who enjoy oral and written communication, who are good listeners and know how to evaluate tasks and provide feedback. With an MBA in Counseling, you can enjoy high-paying jobs, such as:

  • Business Development Manager – ₹5L–₹10L a year
  • Business Consultant – ₹2.4L–₹8L a year
  • Internal Communications Manager – ₹6–₹15L a month

It normally takes 1-2 years to complete an MBA in Consulting. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to apply for an on-campus degree, you can explore online MBAs in Management Communication.

8. MBA in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management

  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Inclusive Business Models
  • Innovation and Change in Teams, Organizations and Ecosystems
  • Leadership and Change Management, Leadership Exploration and Development, Leadership in the Digital Era
  • Learning to Lead: Challenges and Competencies
  • Leadership Exploration & Development
  • Managing Career Success and Transition
  • Negotiations
  • Personal Values, Goals and Career Options
  • Power & Politics in Organisations : Strengths, Strategies and Skills
  • Embedding Leadership Excellence

Popular courses during the MBA in Human Resource Management include Organizational Behavior, Negotiation, Business Law, Managerial Finance and others. Here are some examples of jobs that you can apply after graduation:

  • Human Resources (HR) Manager – ₹4.8L–₹8.4L a year
  • Senior Human Resources Manager – ₹14.5L a month
  • Manager HR – 88,000 ₹4L–₹9L a year

MBAs in Human Resource Management take 1 or 2 years to finish. You can also find online MBAs in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management, which allow you to have a more flexible schedule and handle other responsibilities as well.

9. MBA in Production and Operations Management

  • Analytics for Strategic and Operational Decision Making
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Competition and Cooperation in Business Ecosystems
  • Healthcare Operations Management
  • Project Management Essentials
  • Strategic Management of Services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology and Operations Strategy

MBAs in Production and Operations Management develop students’ analytical skills and teach them how to use mathematical models and systems. This knowledge allows future MBA to improve the quality of products and services while reducing production costs.

These are some of the special courses you have taken: Business Analytics, Healthcare, Mathematical Modeling, Data Logistics, Analysis and Interpretation, Operations Strategy, and more. There are several jobs for graduates with an MBA degree in Operations Management:

  • Analyst – Supply chain – ₹15L–₹25L a year
  • Operations Manager – ₹18L–₹22L a year
  • Manager Global FP&A – ₹10L–₹15L a year

You’ll finish an Operations Management MBA in 1 or 2 years. Don’t have enough time for a traditional degree? You can always check out online MBAs in Production and Operations Management.

10. MBA in Public Policy

  • Business Unusual: Understanding Alternative Business Models
  • Development Economics: Theory and Practice
  • Doing Business in Risky Countries
  • Evaluating Public Policy
  • Health Economics Theory & Practice
  • History of India’s Political Economy: Great Depression to Great Recession
  • Infrastructure Development, Public Private Partnership and Regulations
  • Introduction to Modern Indian History
  • Public Policy for Managers
  • Rural Banking & Financial Inclusion
  • Social Entrepreneurship

MBAs are very popular in public policy and teach students skills like critical thinking, problem solving and risk management. These skills allow future graduates to occupy management or administrative positions in a wide variety of organizations (private, public, nongovernmental organizations).

Some of the courses you take are Business Unusual: Understanding Alternative Business Model, Development Economics: Theory and Practice, Business in Risk, Evaluating Public Policy, Health Economics Theory and Practice, Political Economy of History of India: Great Depression to Great Recession, Infrastructure Development, Public Private Partnerships and Regulations, Introduction to Modern Indian History, Public Policy for Managers, Rural Banking and Financial Inclusion, Social Entrepreneurship, etc. After MBA, you can apply for various management and administrative positions:

  • Professor – Health Economics – ₹10L a month
  • Chief General Manager – ₹30,004–₹1,27,500 a month
  • Senior Manager/ Associate Director, Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs – ₹15L a month

Most MBAs in Public Policy take 3 or 5 years to complete. You can also find online MBAs in Public Policy.

11. MBA in Strategy

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Business Models and Strategy
  • E-Business Models & Strategy
  • Green Business Management
  • International Business
  • Learning from Corporate Failures
  • Leadership, Vision, Meaning and Reality
  • New Product Development
  • Platform Business Models
  • Principles of Consulting
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
  • Thinking and Creativity Strategic
  • Strategic Business Transformation
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Management in Media and Entertainment Industry Strategic
  • Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
  • Strategy Implementation

MBA in Corporate Strategy combines traditional business courses on business strategy, corporate strategy, design thinking, e-business model and strategy, green business management, international business, learning from corporate failures, leadership, new product development, platform business model, principles . Consulting, Strategic Thinking and Decision Making, Strategic Thinking and Creativity, Strategic Business Transformation, Strategic Leadership, Management in Media and Entertainment Industry, Strategic Management of Strategies, Technology and Innovation, Strategy Implementation, and others. This approach allows students to better understand the dynamics of business and the impact of business development.

Counseling MBAs are a great fit for people who enjoy oral and written communication, who are good listeners and know how to evaluate tasks and provide feedback. With an MBA in Counseling, you can enjoy high-paying jobs, such as:

  • New Product Development Manager – ₹27.5L a month
  • GM – Sales & Corporate Strategy – ₹3L a month
  • CN – Strategy – MC – Industry X – PPE – ₹15L a month

It usually takes 1–10 years to complete an MBA in Corporate Strategy. If your schedule does not allow you to apply for an on-campus degree, you can explore an online MBA in Corporate Strategy.



Which MBA is most in demand?

International Business.
Human Resource Management.
Risk Management.

Which MBA specialization has highest salary?

Digital Marketing.
Business Analytics.
Data Analytics.

How to choose MBA specialization?

To find the best MBA specialization, consider your ideal concentration, program culture and delivery format. Prospective students should also determine whether a program’s tuition, curriculum, and student resources fit their needs. Our MBA Rankings are a good start.


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